Horses for Sale  




We have a variety of horses for sale and our stock gets renewed frequently. Some horses have been bought as colts and fillies and later on trained. Others have been bred in our ranch.

We occasionally also list horses that are not owned by us based on requests from their owners. For this matter we evaluate each individual horse for soundness, skills, training level and safety prior to the listing.

The price of a horse varies with the level and time spent in training, competition records, lineage etc. As most of these factors change with time we prefer not to list a fixed price for our horses. 

It is not uncommon to see the price of a horse  immediately affected by the results of a competition or the potential and skills shown during the initial training period.  A horse that on the ground had a certain value might see it changed by the potential shown once under saddle.

We price our horses fairly based on their lineage, training, show record, breeding potential etc.

If you find the horse you like please give us a call and we will be more than glad to discuss pricing and show you around.