The Paso Fino horse is a vibrant, elegant and versatile breed.

At Hacienda el Sayan our goal is to advance the breed by carefully selecting the best genetics in order to bring out the most natural gaited horses with excellent conformation and impeccable temperament.

We have combined the results of our breeding strategy with natural horsemanship training methods in order to shape our fillies and colts into respectful horses that will be willing to give it all regardless of its final use.

Even when our goal is to breed and train show horses we understand that every horse comes with its own potential. We never ask from our horses more that what they are genetically and physically able to accomplish. Some will certainly move into the show arena but even those not able to compete at the highest professional levels will always be respectful, willing partners that can be enjoyed by any rider on a trail or an amateur owner in competition.

We greatly thank you for your interest in our horses and invite you to browse our website or pay us a visit. We will be more than happy to have you by and show you why a paso fino is the right horse for you.

What Makes Hacienda el Sayan Horses Different?

We strongly believe on solid foundational training as the basis for a balanced, willing horse. We imprint each of our foals and handle and train them in their initial weeks of life using Clintons Anderson foal training methods. By the third month of life all of our foals are well versed in the fundamental ground exercises as well as desensitized to the most common objects and situations they will encounter in the future.

When the time comes to start training under saddle we focus our efforts on softness and responsiveness to gentle clues before we move into specific training strategies directed to the particulars of our breed. Ultimately every horse must be a respectful, soft and willing partner no matter if in the show ring or on a trail.

We are aware of the number of options that every equine enthusiast has at the time of purchasing a paso fino horse. Unfortunately in our breed most training methods are antiquated and unrealistic demands are placed on very young horses. This has resulted on what we call "single use horses". We see every year magnificent colts and fillies in the show ring that do not last a season or two before they are retired from competition. These horses are pushed to the limit with poor foundational training and end up in a pasture without even been able to be ridden on a trail due to built up vices and resentment.

At Hacienda el Sayan every horse dictates the pace he is able to withstand based on his physical abilities. We bring them out to the show arena only when they are ready and not based on any competition deadline. Even our top performers can also be safely ridden and enjoyed on a weekend trail ride, solo or on a group.

Our main goal is to match our clients with a horse that will suit their needs and provide years of enjoyment in a safe, nurturing mutual relationship. Likewise we make sure our horses make it to caring owners who will attend to their physical and emotional needs. We will not sell a horse we can not guarantee will fill the needs of his new owner or a horse we feel will not have a suitable, loving environment in his new home.